As summer interns at Mullen, we were tasked with the infamous intern project that changes in nature from year to year. This year we were divided into teams of 5 and asked to create “A solution to an everyday problem that challenges the status quo”. With no other guidelines- each team (eight in total) were given one week to come up with an idea and the rest of the summer to create & execute it. I helped concept the creation of our city-wide umbrella sharing system (U-Share) that functioned as an everyday solution & generated a social impact as it turned profits into donations for the increased supply of clean water to other countries via My main role in our group was to create our branding and design work for posters, social media & flyers. Our project earned nationwide press due to our umbrella concept and marketing stunts. In creating the umbrella system itself, we pitched, acquired, & maintained relationships with 10 businesses in the Boston area to join our project.